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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chrysler 300 2.7 Liter drive


We've all seen millions of them by now.
But it is still a pretty distinctive design. Especially compared to the foreign competition. An American car that isn't afraid of looking like one.
Either that, or a caricature of what the former German owners of Chrysler thought an American car should look like.
Either way, the design has aged pretty well, I think.

Well, still not that great. They did upgraded the materials, slightly, last year. But this car still deserves a much better interior.
Sure, leather and a sunroof might help a bit. But the base dark cloth is pretty depressing.
The whole thing made me feel like I was a 70 year old salesman. Like Jack Lemon in "Glengarry Glen Ross"...
The dash board is OK. You can see what they could have done with it, but didn't. Like a big center part sticking out.
The finish is also just OK. The stereo sounds fine and has an iPod plug. A funny thing in an old man's car.
The rear seat is roomy, but not that huge. The car itself actually looks bigger than it is...


The ride is just fine. Smooth most of the time without ever feeling soft. Like in the old days.
The view from the driver seat is definitely old fashion. I haven't seen a big flat hood in front of me since my old '68 New Yorker. I actually like it a lot.

Nothing special here. The steering wheel is larger than usual, just like the Mercedes car it is based on. And, again, like older cars.

I have to say, this is the worst part of the car.
The 2.7 Liter has OK power. But it sounds really bad when pushed. Even just a little bit.
In fact, it was much rougher and noisier than the 2.4 Liter used in the Malibu/Aura. And it felt less powerful too.
It's jut way behind almost anything offered these days.
I am sure the 3.5 Liter engine cures most of these concerns.
But it's always a bit sad when you drive a V6 that is much worse than most 4 cylinder engines out there...

OK, but not great. It works, but it is never super smooth like most are now. Again, this was OK a few years ago.But get into a Passat, and the 300 will feel like a car from the dark ages.

Well, I really think the Chrysler 300 is in desperate need of a redesign. The car came out over 4 years ago but feels like it's been 10 years.
I haven't heard much about a replacement coming out any time soon. And it is needed.

But all this doesn't really matter if Chrysler gets swallowed by GM in a few weeks.
It might just become the next AMC.
What will happen with the 300 then?
Or even the new Challenger???

It's al very sad...


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